I don’t know how I’m coming across to you
I call to find out but there’s mostly silence
Please tell me if I seem to be a burden
It’s just too hard to do things the way I should
Because life has just become too tense

I hope you can realize that I’m not really sturdy right now.
The pressure that I’m putting on you is the pressure in me to have your companionship

I'm not sure if I can handle all of this. It is getting to be too much, not that I would ever admit that anywhere but here on ether. Just a few more weeks until classes are over, and yet all I want to do is give up right now. I just have too many things going on at once.

And to make matters worse, my best friend is unhappy right now. I hate it when she is unhappy. The only thing I want to do is find some way to cheer her up, but I feel like I'm only making things worse.


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