I am sitting in Geology three minutes after 11am and just a couple minutes ago I was just sitting here looking more down than just straight and I got a heavy optical and physical sensation. It felt as though everything around me was moving forward. Everything got blurry and it was like the person behind me pulled me back towards her and also lifted me and my chair back so it balanced on the back two legs. It lasted about 3 seconds and when it was over I felt dizzy like I had been spinning for a long time, very light headed, (I still am), and was a little nauseous. I do remember lots of little tiny red and blue dots on a white background seem stationary then just take off in one direction. They got blurry. I jumped when it was over.

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Did you eat anything? Funky-tasting shrooms? Something containing protein? Have a family history of diabetes? Symptoms of many different possibilities start out like what your experience sounds like.

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