I need to spend a little bit of time on the stage on a regular basis. It feels like coming up out of a sea of aloofness for a breath of glorious, ostentatious, stressful, ego-inflating, erection-inducing air.

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sounds like you starred in the play Harry Potter did....Daniel Radcliffe, actually. With his wee carrot-stick dong a-swinging in the air....when you say erection-inducing......

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Daniel Radcliffe starred in a West End production of Equus in 2007, and it was in the media because a) it's Harry Potter OMG!! and b) the play features full-frontal nudity from the main character, and Radcliffe was 17 at the time. It reviewed well, and the promotional images were very... interesting!

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I've spent too long off of the stage. I flirt with it nowadays, making brief appearances and taking my turn on the microphone, but I've nonetheless avoided the spotlight that I used to soak up for extended periods, playing against the packed crowds that I could barely see under its glare.

I miss it. I see others taking their turns on the stage and plot out my plans for what I'll grace it with next. I just hope that plans will eventually turn into action, and the audience will be receptive when they do.

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Stage is like having sex with five hundred people. So says Chris Corner, and so concurs me. Is that even acceptable syntax? It would be in a song.

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