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Starting from here, but I took a while to make it. The other thing is that it would be good to see you there. It starts with you, and then we can get a chance for the next day. We have been working away from home to find out more about our future. Get your own home, and then you can make it easy for yourself. With best wishes for the next few months ago, I think it's telling that you are truly passionate about the new year.

This poses a good time for some reason. We will be able to do that dear. If you just need to be the traditional way, I think it's important to me that we can't visit.

(Trying to figure out the best way to gently guide this predictive text function into more interesting phrases, it tends to get a bit stuck in preposition/pronoun loops. Also, it's clearly addressing the same person again.)

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I am in the world of work and play with the best way to get the monday off work but it would be great to see you again. If you just want to upgrade your own home and garden and the other side of the bedshelf, do not have a great time at home. The first thing you need to be able to bring those who have been made to measure and the rest of us. We will also find out how to get your hands on the market leaders in the UK.

If you have any ideas for a new place to be, I am super proud of you. And apparently you're looking for a new one, but it is not playing ball. This will help you find out how to make sure you get the best.

(Courtesy of my phone's predictive text function. Does it mean anything? Don't ask me, I just played multiple-choice til it sounded vaguely coherent.)

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