My wishes often come true in an ironic, karmic fuck you sort of way...

I wished for years and years that my father would calm down, work on his anxiety and bossiness, and that we would get along better, and it happened, but it took a stroke, and a doctor telling him that if he didn't just generally calm down he would have another and die soon, to do it.

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I always wish for things like that, but sometimes I think those strange results that maybe wouldn't have been so bad....I don't know though

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why do we wish? certainly not because we think the wish will actually come true. or do we? or is it just the principle, that maybe if we do so much voodoo and spend so much wasted thought on one particular thing, that maybe it will ironically happen.

have you ever had a wish come true? i have, actually. but not the specific wish i wanted. for instance, when i was maybe eight years old, i wished, like any other lower school girl, that a guy would like me. his name was brian. just three years later,brian liked me back. but not the specific brian i had asked for-another brian, that i had met at summer camp. the wish was granted.

have you ever heard the expression "thats just vague enough to work"? maybe not. but it should be an expression. because if i had wished that "brian leach" specifically had liked me, would i have ever met brian holman? thats not what matters though, i hardly care about either of those guys anymore, much less talk to them. the main point is that maybe, as my first point says, if you think and wish and pray hard enough, God might just let it come true. jsut to spite you, or all those who told you it would never happen.

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