Someone's been going round to members of the RPG society at my uni telling them not to vote for my boyfriend in the AGM next week. They've been saying all sorts of really mean shit about him; that he ran another society so badly that even though someone else is running it this year that it's suffered for it, that he's a horrible egotist and nobody really likes him(!) - genuinely nasty stuff like that. Said boyfriend and I are understandably pissed. But worse still is the fact that this someone is an apparently really close friend of ours, who's friendly to our faces and has said they'd vote for him themselves. I am stunned. And I'm really, really hurt. I have no idea what kind of excuse they're going to try and come up with tomorrow, but I can't imagine it could possibly excuse this shitty, two-faced behaviour. I mean, if they think he won't run the society well, fine. Suggest a better candidate and move on. But the lying and personal attacks are just low.


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