Over the last twenty-four hours, I've gotten a handful of very uplifting, encouraging calls and messages. One was a call from a good friend just needing to vent, ask advice, and bounce ideas around. I look up to him a good deal, and he tends to isolate himself, so it always pleases me to be an outlet for him. I've also gotten messages from friends thanking me for support, expressing wishes to see me more, asking advice, confirming that I'll be present for baby deliveries, and thanking me for my performance at my job.

I try really, really hard to be a source of comfort for my friends, even when I'm feeling awful myself. One of my driving motivations is to be someone that helps people through life, even in small ways. And I know that I get impatient, angsty, sick, tired, grumpy, jealous, and otherwise just unfriendly at times. It means a lot to me to be reminded that I'm still a good friend sometimes and not just the horrible person that I build myself up to be in my mind.


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