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Recently, I haven't been allowing myself to cry. Well, more than I normally do. I won't even let myself cry over books that I'm reading. It makes it easier to hide my emotions, but I feel like if I don't let something out I'm going to explode. Normally, I write to let out my emotions but, I dont' feel like I can. I feel like it would be immature and crappy so I don't want to write it. I'm assuming this is just regular angsty, teenage, bullshit. I hate feeling on edge all the time. Like I'm on the brink of an implosion. Whatever, I'll just do what I always do: pack everything into a little ball, hide it in the little corner of my mind where I put everything I don't want to deal with, and pretend like it never happened. No one will know the difference.

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i cant seem to find any way to actually make myself cry anymore, i havent cried in a very long time and i never really thought about it till lately. even thinking about some of the worst moments of my life, i cant ever bring myself to tears, and i feel like i need to because i havent...for so long. physical pain is the only thing that does anything, watery eyes at that.

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