Your rent and bills are still being paid by handouts from your parents, your bank balance is costantly hovering just above zero, you can't seem to get a job - any job, not least the ones you want - you push people away to stop them becoming friends, you don't DO anything but sit at your computer and read shit on the Interet and play videogames...

You're useless. You've hit the 'adult life' test and you're failing out, nothing but a bundle of bills and confusion and tears. You can't even contemplate suicide without trying to push it aside because you know you'll just fuck that up too.

You're a waste of space. Stop sniveling and just end it already.

What fucking good are you? Isn't your job to help me when I have problems? You're not doing your job! If anything you made it worse. Then when I talked to someone else your philosophy for fixing my problem is..."just tough it out." Why am I talking to you if you're not going to do anything? I trusted you and you failed...miserably. Good fucking job guys.


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