whenever i spend the night at your house and wake up next to you, we make love in the mornings. i think it's cute how tired yet determined you look. and i love it when you yawn. i used to wonder if you were just bored and tired, but..

you're yawning because you're not getting enough air. holding your breath, are we?

This weekend, a friend of mine introduced me to the "yawn and stretch".

We were sitting on his bed watching tv. King of the Hill. Someone said, "Don't forget the yawn and stretch!!"

"What's that?" I asked my friend.

"It's stupid. It never works. It's, like, if I wanted to put my arm around you, I would do this." He proceded to fake yawn and put his arm around me.

I cuddled closer to him.

I moved away again. After all, it was only a demonstration.

"Yeah, it's stupid," he told me again. "If I wanted to put my arm around a girl I would just do it. It's just..." he put his arm around me again.

I wanted to stay there forever, but, it was just a demonstration. We were just friends.


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