Do only assholes drive yellow cars, or do yellow cars turn their drivers into assholes?

It's amazing how close I came to being the exact opposite of who I am. Living a life based on paranoia, my only desire being control. Control everything. I am glad I did acid. I couldn't fix my mind until it was broken.

How long could I survive facing my greatest fear? My fears are all internal, but they're all so powerful. Under my unshakable will there is a scared little boy who just wants someone to love him. Paranoia. Fear itself, is my fear. The only thing I can't control.

Yellow by Coldplay I've had this stuck in my head for the past 3 days for no reason. I don't know the words, and I don't really know the tune, but it's stuck in there anyway. Everytime there's a break in thought, it comes back.

I looked up the lyrics just to see if maybe it would have some profound meaning to it.

It doesn't.

I't just sounds vaugly melancholy, and so fits in the soundtrack of my life at the moment.


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