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The morning after that last time, everyone else was still asleep. I went out to my car and grabbed the Swarovski crystal my great grandmother gave me. I came in, held it in front of the colorful Grateful Dead show poster... thing, and spun it. As far as reality was at that time, I went into the crystal, and spent five minutes watching fractals fly past my head. I only stopped because I fell over. Also, this seventeen year old emo looking kid was there with his dad, and his group were all eating mushrooms for the first time. I'd made brownies because I like to bake when people are coming over, and I pass through the kitchen at one point, and see the emo boy standing over the brownie pan, grabbing handfuls of brownie and shoving them in his mouth. Chocolate all over his face. I started laughing, and he looked up at me and said "I'm sorry!" and the dug in again. I fell asleep in one of the recliners on the back porch around 8 AM, and woke up an hour later to find that Kenny's (roommate) kids had woken up and gotten tired of hanging out in the bedroom. One of the girls there who was around my age had given them cereal, and they were sitting at the table, chewing and staring with wide eyes at the three people on the couch, the three people on the floor by the couch, and the five people sleeping on two air mattresses in the dining room. (One of the air mattresses deflated overnight, too) I asked them to please take their cereal into their dad's room, and eat in there, and after they were done, we'd walk down to the playground. "Sam told us to come the fuck out here." "Don't say that, Heather, and why did she do that?" "Because she sucks!" -me trying not to laugh- Sam was Kenny's girlfriend, but not the mother of his two kids. Having never done well with responsibility, the kids always drove her nuts. Anyway, I went in there, and woke Kenny up. He thought the whole thing was funny, and called for them. I'm not sure what he told them about the dozen new people in the house, but later, when talking about the girl that gave them cereal, they called her "Camp counselor lady." God, my life has gotten boring.

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So it's been a year since I've dropped any acid. It's sort of hard to find. Isn't everything that you really actually want?

Last time was wonderful. We had a houseful of hippies all tripping. Our wallpaper is good for watching. I could look at myself in the mirror and watch my skin turn purple and black with rot. I could make the trees melt. I watched the power lines that run from a pole in the alley to our house snake down around my ankles. I had one and a half tiny pieces of double dipped blotter with the guy who invented LSD riding his bike down that endless lane. I met ten new people that night. I think three of them slept in the yard. Oh, and my pupils didn't match up. I spent an unknown amount of time looking in the mirror, trying to make them match, until someone told me acid does that. I watched the wallpaper fall away. I laid in bed and watched the house age and fall apart until I could see the morning sky. Damn it.

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