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It's nearly the end of the summer; the new term is so close you can nearly taste it. And you know what that means? Time for emo!

My livejournal friends page is a seething mass of whinging and moaning about money and how lonely town is when everyone's away for the summer and oh god why don't I have a girlfriend/money/a job whinge bitch moan. All they want is e-hugs and attention, and unless you give that to them(god forbid you give useful advice; it will be ignored) they will continue to moan about how nobody really understands them and they're surely going to die penniless and alone unless some wonderful girl/bag of money comes along to sweep them off their feet.

When they literally have nothing they could possibly complain about, they resort to reading depressing articles online so they can bemoan the state of the world and cry about how terrible humanity is blah blah blah please deposit e-hugs in the comment box below.

Ugh, speed the day somebody invents a device that allows me to shake people over the internet. I know a few people who could use a damn good shaking right about now. Snap out of it, you whiny emo cunts!

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They snap out of it during the day, funnily enough. Once it gets dark outside the mood swing kicks in ad they're emo again.

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I have lust for what has been described as the "emo swoosh" hair style. I can't help myself - especally if the guy has a nice pair of pants.

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This has been bothering me lately. Emo is absolutely NOT short for "emotional," it is short for "emocore" which is, in itself, a shortening and combination of "emotion" and "hardcore." It was originally used to describe a genre of music (ie, hardcore punk representing something other than rage) before it was tainted by the "indie" genre. Not that I have anything against indie music; if anything, I favor it over the majority of signed bands, and at least 90% of pop music. The movement spawned from hardcore punk, representing emotions other than rage and alienation. Though it has completely lost all of its punk roots, it is often cited as punk by adherents to the movement. Plus it makes you feel like you're fifteen again. What a horrible year. For me, at least.

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My 27 year old, sort of out of touch, hippie boyfriend asked me what emo was. I realized I hated the whole use of the term so much, I didn't want to talk about it. I gave him the basics, and then told him to hop online and look around at things that termed themselves emo, and then peope who were bitching about or amusingly mocking them.

I think he got a feel for it.

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I overheard this the other day, and it's stuck with me (paraphrased):

"I've been observing 'emo' go through the exact same thing that 'goth' went through twenty years ago."

If it was another Ether citizen that said this, fess up and elaborate on what you meant. I like this thought.

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I hate that people have just suddenly (within the past year or two) started using the word emo. It was simply a genre of music. Now, it's being used as another bullshit term to stereotype people.

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I swear to God, the next person who calls me emo is getting punched in the face...

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you know what annoys me? people who don't understand that the word "emo" is short for "emotional".

therefore, if you claim that "emo" is a genre, the basis must be emotion. does that emotion have to be whiny, sad songs? not necessarily. everyone quality song should express some sort of emotion.

joy. sadness. anger. elation. love. loss.

does this mean that everyone group is emo? i think so.

(and yes, i understand that it's a connotation with the word, the slang term. but i hate it. hate!)

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