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I had the greatest idea for a novel based off the concept of afterlives. I'll post the link to where it can be found to here when it's done.

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I've always found the concept of afterlives extremely unsettling. I'm practically terrified of them. I fear them because they're the infinite - and in some ways I fear infinity. I feel it's an awesome force that shouldn't be messed with, because in the end as mortal beings we can't fully comprehend it. Technically, in my beliefs that there's nothing after death, there's infinity there as well - but it's an infinity you're not stuck living through and experiencing.

As an interesting aside, it was one friend of mine's theory that in heaven everyone was the equivalent of lobotomized because he believes that no fully sentient person can enjoy an infinite lifespan, that for it to truely be "heaven", an infinitely lasting happiness, humans could no longer be what we know as human because humans are built for mortality - I like his theory because I do not disagree.

The best way I can put my thoughts on it is this: when you read a book, would you actually enjoy it if it just kept going on forever? Even the longest running television series die out eventually, and grow stale long before that happens. Why do we want our OWN stories to be any different?

Granted, our stories aren't likely to quite wrap up as nicely as a book would - there'd be a ton of loose ends, etc. But still I find the fact that it eventually ends a comforting one.

Really, the fact that life ends is the very thing that makes it worth living in the first place.

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