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I have drank till I've blacked out more times that I care to count. Altho by far the funniest is when I was out drinking with friends and my memory extends to me sinking my 5th or 6th Double Red Bull and Vodka, slamming the glass down on the bar and saying in an authorative voice "Right".......then I woke up at home 2 days later.

Man that was weird.

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i hate nights when i find myself wandering aimlessly, meeting fantastic bunches of people, and then finding that in the morning not only can i not recall who i met, but also what town i happened to be in when i met them.

well, i suppose i don't quite HATE those nights... but i think from now on i'm taking routine mug shots for future reference.

consider it an honor!

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I was telling a story about waking up, realizing that I spent part of the previous night of bacchanal revelry in a blackout, then immediately going to work figuring out first to whom I should apologize, and second what I did that now obligates an apology. She mentioned at this point that she had drank a lot before and had never blacked out. I thought it apt to point out, "Yeah, as far as you remember." Since then, the argument that someone who drinks may have had far more blackouts than they think has been one of my favorites, mostly because I catch people absolutely insisting that they would remember having forgotten something.

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