I got just one thing to say for finals week...fuck, that?

It's kind of irking me that so many people are freaking out this week. With finals, papers, and that shit.

I know I only have one final on friday, but I had two papers to do too. And I need to read an entire book before I can write the other paper.

But everyone seems to be freaking out about all their work. I think I had a decent amount of work, but freaking out won't get anything done?

People in my hall are getting a little ridiculous too. Everyone is procrastinating and then their shocked that they have basically no time to do anything.

I make time for food. Sometimes I'll take a break. And I've been sleeping later than everyone else and I'm still basically done.

I just wish everyone would calm down because everyone's so tense.

I'm feeling so incredibly overwhelmed by my finals that I have today and Wednesday. Between the two days I have 5, that's one for each class that composes my 17 credit hour work load. I have three of those 5 today. Which, in my opinion, is really far too many finals in one day. Bitches. I don't know why one of my classes is even having a final. It's kind of a waste of time. Damn....

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