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If you feel like you don't have as many blessings as you have grievances, then you're not looking hard enough. Keep your mind on it for a while today and you'll know what I mean.

There will always be traits and problems you'll see in yourself that won't seem to untangle.

That you know you're not completely what you want to be means you care about how you are and how you relate to others. And as long as you do what you know how to to reach a little goal at a time, have faith that one day in the near future you will be proud of yourself.

Don't let the mountains in between scare you. Look at each with determination and then take it on. If it rains on you, hold a cup out. If the sun is too hot, find shade. If it's too cold, build a fire. If you don't know which is the next best way to go up, ask the Mountain Monster for directions (he's a friendly cousin of the Abominable Snowman).

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I've come to realize that "faith in humanity" is just like faith in god or anything else. It's called faith because you generally have to believe in it in the vast absence of proof.

I'm an agnostic. I believe that it's impossible at our current level of scientific understanding to know for sure about the creation of the universe as we know it. At this point, it is impossible to say for sure that there is a god, or even completely rule it out. It's something that you have to take on faith if you want to believe in it.

I think that at the point our society is at, choosing to have faith in God is pretty much wishful thinking. It's something that I don't think is important enough to throw my lot in with. But I still refuse to give up my faith in humanity.

I keep finding reasons to believe that every human being that isn't me is out to screw over all the others. And the only reason I don't think that I'm out to screw over all the others is because I'm a short-sighted, biased, self-centered individual that can't see my own screw-over tendencies. I'm the most paranoid person in the world. I don't trust the people around me to keep me safe were I to get drunk. I don't trust my parents to keep a secret. I've seen the internet. I've read far to much about the lows humanity has reached. And every time someone helps me or compliments me, I wonder what's in it for them.

But as paranoid as I am, I refuse to give in and believe in my heart that people are as bad as I think they are. My faith in other people is what keeps me human. It keeps me honest. It keeps me sane. It keeps me accountable. I generally consider blind faith to be a characteristic of a mental deficit.

I'm suprised I find this so necessary.

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