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Okay, so I have a huge soft spot for musicals. And 1960s America fascinates me(as opposed to the 50s which creep me the fuck out) - so was it any surprise to anybody that I got so excited about this movie when it came out last year?

It's so full of energy and cheesy American crap and quiffs and circle skirts and beehives oh my god I love it so much. The music is spot on - clever catchy tunes, lyrics that make me grin uncontrollably and some fanastic performances by completely unexpected people(who knew Christoper Walken and John Travolta were such good singers?) as well as some of my favourites like Queen Latifah(who was also fantastic in Chicago) and the deliciously evil Michelle Pfeiffer...

Why am I gushing about this silly little film? Maybe it's because nobody I know shares my enthusiasm for musicals, but listeing to the soundtrack makes me want to tell SOMEONE how much I love it.

If you haven't seen it yet, go rent it if only to marvel at how well Travolta dances in a fat suit and heels. It's pretty amazing.

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The best thing about hairspray, IMO, is that it's a John Waters film.

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Walken and Travolta have done a lot of singing and dancing over their careers. Hell, check out Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. And Walken was a singer and a dancer long before he got into film acting.

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I didn't know that about Walken, but I just realised John Travolta was in Grease. How could I forget!

I am the worst musicals fangirl, haha.

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"In describing why he loved Baltimore, he relayed a couple of randomly overheard conversations. Nine year old son asks Dad: 'Dad, why is Mommy crying?' Dad; 'Because you're an asshole, son!'"

John Waters = the shit.

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