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I can't count how many times a girl has said one of the following to me...

...and then a few months later that's their boyfriend for some reason.

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I've noticed some people find it.. helpful to themselves, I guess, to introduce someone who is newer in their life to others already in their life, but in a misrepresented way. It allows this new person to enter the narrative in a relatively nonthreatening way. Most people respond to "This person is creeping me out" with mild concern and a mental footnote, then go about their lives. Then "X isn't actually creepy, they're just awkward" is a relief, instead of a potential threat. This is all from the viewpoint of exclusive two-person relationships with a rather large amount of jealousy either present, or assumed on the part of the partner introducing the newer person.

One person I knew in particular, I realized that's how she got around the logistics of sharing the excitement she felt at finding a new love interest with her current exclusive lover. Was especially annoying when she did it to me, because she'd insisted we be super-exclusive. I don't think she had the ability to view relationships any other way, and I think the current default to somewhat-obsessive monogamy is causing some of this. Obviously that's not happening every time, and it seems to be more in the realm of compulsive liars than anything.

Other than that, emotions are baffling and reason often doesn't come into it at all. It blows.

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