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The people in my generation are more prone to giving out information about themselves then the generation before... the "myspace" generation - even though everyone uses facebook more then myspace, now. My mother would never put her cell phone or address on the computer... she was even skeptical about online ordering the few first years she used it. Now everything about us lingers on facebook or myspace... kinda scary... but hey, I still put it all up there.

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Man, I was just thinking about trust when I got home and read this! Then I posted my own.

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I've had my address and cellphone number online for years, and it's only led to me being harassed (actually, death threats) a couple times. But twice in ten years is fine by me. I can deflect a few jackasses calling me every now and then.

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It's not the official details that bother me - phone, address, name age bra size whatever, I've had most of mine posted around for some time now. But I've always found myself too eager to share personal ideas and facets of myself online that I would certainly hesitate to give to a stranger in the flesh. I've been burned by that.

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