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W.T.F Why try Facebook? While there are many pros and cons to such a tool, it is not always clear to those who participate exactly what it is they are doing. I feel like, with a small amount of the right information, we could use such an incredible tool to help build a more tight-knit consciousness. I started to get on Facebook so that I could see if there was anything interesting going on with my friends. I could see where they were, what they were doing, and usually grasp a small amount of the emotion flowing from their perspective. But then slowly, as I gathered more and more 'friends', the line between genuine concern and apathetic research began to blur. You see, I now have something between 700-1000 friends. (I don't actually keep track, but I know it is rather high.) I only know maybe 1/5 of these people in real life, may only be friends with about 1/5 of that small portion, and actually care even less. If you could see my wall, you may understand. Meme -> political joke -> meme -> "I want coffee" -> meme again -> "Let's save the earth" -> "That wasn't enough coffee, I need more!".... These updates are just all mashed together. I've quoted things I've seen on Facebook before to people, only to find out that the person I told, was also the person who posted it. How could I let such a travesty occur? I believe it is because I let myself become clouded to the actual concerns of people and started being more concerned with the ideas behind them. Now, while being concerned with those ideas is actually something great, it is awful that I've allowed myself to become jaded. ----------------------------------------------- These ideas may be scrambled, I'm not really an author per se. ----------------------------------------------- And don't get me started on Facebook apps/games. As of this writing, I'm currently addicted to one game, and play another on the side. I'm no saint, but at the same time, I refuse to blind myself to my own shortcomings. If you were to ask me about this on a particularly outspoken/radical day, I'd tell you that these apps/games and even Facebook in general are just forms of thought control. Think about it, I'll give you an example. +++Have you ever planted crops, sent your troops off to train, or started a 'party' on one of these games and had the thought, "Ok, this task will take 2 hours. That's enough time to go get lunch, come home, eat it, and take a short nap before I need to 'set' my game again"? I have+++ These trivial concerns keep you in, keep you 'hooked up' longer and longer each day. In these games, your level grows or you get stronger, but then when you leave the computer, you have nothing left to show for it, save for a rather uninteresting conversation with some one who may also share your addiction. ............... But Facebook is also amazing in so many ways. I keep in touch with family that I haven't seen in years because of distance. I learn about immensely important events happening all around. And most importantly, I have a way to express myself to every one I know (and some I don't). I've heard about a spiritual subconscious that all living things share, see: Flower of Life. I think Facebook (and of course, the other social medias) are a physical manifestation of that. People share good ideas and bad ideas both. But I think rather than sit back and enjoy the show, we should be expected to participate. If some one is having a bad day, give them a shoulder. If their boss gave them a raise, congratulate them. If you have something to say, then say it without fear. Ok, well I've rambled long enough, but if you take anything from this, it is this: You are in control of Facebook, not the other way around. Now, my crops should be done, so I'll be back later.....

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I spend way too much time on Facebook. Sometimes I wonder if I'm just checking to make sure I still have friends on there, real ones, not just 'friends.'

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Facebook keeps suggesting I add dead people as friends. For a while last year it kept saying "Reconnect with your friend Dave!" and I was like, well, I can't really reconnect with someone who shot himself in the face.

facebook, facebook... i've been locked out of my account. the "reset password" email won't come, and i've emailed multiple facebook email addresses, hoping someone will eventually help me with this issue.

why am i so addicted to facebook? it's been a weekend without facebook and i'm already missing it. it's always one of the tabs open on my browser. i love throwing random quirky statuses up there, as well as staying connected with my friends- especially since i don't live on campus anymore. i feel lonely sometimes.

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damn, i'm finally back on my account. although "facebook support" is pretty much an oxymoron, i did find one facebook email address that helped solve my problem. :)

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There's this thing happening called the Facebook Blackout, where a couple million people are deciding not to log on to Facebook--for one day--to get them to change the layout back to the old one. Even if this wasn't to be a patently ridiculous attempt to get their voices heard (a much better strategy would be to not log on at all until they change the layout back), they're treating it like a business. Facebook Inc. already has a free networking website open, they have no way to market that and expect to be able to sustain it on the income they ge from it. As such, the people organizing the "blackout" are not actually customers. This is a lot like a group of semi-health-conscious smokers coming together and saying "we're going to not buy cigarettes for one day so big tobacco will have to make their product safer." They're too addicted to do anything real about their problems.

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my mom has a facebook. i think it's mostly to see pictures that my sister puts up and pics of my cousin's new baby. we're not "facebook friends" yet but it's still strange. i don't think she ever actually gets on facebook though.

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I hate the way my best friend from college talks about facebook like it's his life. I hate how people talk about facebook like "Oh you MUST add this application!"

Or "Did you see my wall post?" JUST TELL ME BITCH! I'm standing IN FRONT of you!

... The reason that I hate facebook is just the way people talk about it. You're together NOW so why talk about facebook? Maybe I'm just crazy, but people my age are obsessed with it. In some ways I wish i didn't have it. But then I couldn't really get into contact with people and for my radio show I have to have one.

it's just annoying... I'm too old for my age.

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ps I like how only blue has (so far) said anything about facebook. ;P

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It's a conspiracy! There's a campaign to wallpaper Ether with Facebook Blue comments and subtle hints that you should be checking your Facebook account instead of lurking on this drab website! Facebook is easy. Interacting on it doesn't require social skills, relocating to actually see people in person, or having anything interesting to say or do. Having a "social life" on Facebook is like having an "athletic life" in front of the television.

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I have gotten the most depressing news of my life in the form of facebook messages.

I don't know why people feel this is appropriate in any way, especially because my phone number is listed publically on my profile.

The messages? 1) Hey, look I just wanted to let you know that my brain cancer is back and it doesn't look good.

  1. Hey I just wanted to let you know that out friend from camp, Grant, was killed in a car accident today. Thought you should know.

Are you kidding me? Pick up the phone.

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