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Sometimes, I visit theether's myspace just to feel ever so slightly more absorbed into this virtual world that's been created...

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i judge people by how many comments they have from the same people to see if they have real friends or are just friend whores.

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Wait, then is it better to have the same people commenting a lot, or comments from a lot of different people?

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What if they just don't have a lot of friends that use myspace? It happens. I'm, uh, asking for a friend. Yep.

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i cant help it... its stupid of me to. but its the first thing that comes to my mind. i try not to jugde people at all and mostly i dont but the few times or things i do it's stupid things and ways like that. and i usually keep it to myself

to me its better to have less friends and more comments by the same people as opposed to millions by random people and never the same ones.

but it's just myspace. hardly real life.

or so i hope in most incidences.

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I added ether. My name and face aren't on my page though, so... whatever.

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i love the fact that the ether has a myspace page.

i am too terrified to friend it. i don't want you to see my face.

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