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this is a love note to the angels-

who watch over the city as it sleeps silent and breathless through the coldest nights of the winter

while the sky mirrors back a thousand broken wishes the angels, unwilling, half smile with both love and brutality

how i saw them then on that dusty night in nowhere shrouded in broken constellations

and like an earth bound seraphim he half smiled at me wrapped in a pink blanket we spoke nothing of the reverie

i wander the street like a lost duckling with glances at every pair of blue eyes wondering who are you? will you take me in?

the tribe of the unwilling watch the serpentine twists of the highway as light fades to nothingness

there is no answer to my psychic pleas no easy end to anxiousness all there is is endless blacktop

i am not the most worthy, or the most pious but lead by legs more willing than i am to escape this place

i could see them there as i leaned over the edge and pressed my lips to the dirty glass

i could see them then as i eyed every passing car and wondered on the fate of the day

i would love them more now if i could hear their voices like bells from far away cathedrals

but i would not say this because my thoughts return to the angels the sweet children of the city

as i turn at night to the blistering wind my voice swept from me with the soft sound of collective heartbeat

whisper, yes, i still love you though you do not love me

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