i miss waking up in the middle of the night to hear your heartbeat aginst my cheek. you slept so soudly. you never even stirred as i whispered all my dreams about us in your ear, my words picking up the cadence of you heartbeat. while you dreamt i spoke of our livees together. our home, our kids. we were going to have a dog, you know.and you were going to mow the lawn while i folded laundry. you were going to come home from work each day and throw your arms around me, kiss me breathless.you were going to laugh at my cooking attempts but eat it anyway. you were going to kill the spiders and reach the plates in the highest cupboard. i was going to wake you up each morning with a kiss. you were going to keep me safe from the dark. now when i wake up to silence i sit up, frightened that youre hurt, and remeber that youre gone. as my heartbeat slows i curl up around my pillow and wonder how the last woman you left got through the night without you. be happy Love and dont mention the silly rambling of a lonley girl please.


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