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Seeing as how I believe in this silly little thing called fate, but also believe a person can will themselves onto a new line of fate or destiny when fate decides to throw them a choice, I'm having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that for every push I give fate, that stubborn bastard just will not move for me. I see where it takes me sometimes. You can always see the signs once it happens. I know there was a right turn I was supposed to take so that I would get to that interview ten minutes early to score that job or by chance being beside a concert promoter at just the right moment so my band could play that show we had been dreaming of and that sleeping an extra hour for that meeting I HAD to attend let me be in a certain place at an exact time that made me come into contact with a certain person that I would give just about anything to be with, but the more I want to break from the path that has been laid before me, it never seems to change. Is it really fate's plan to make a person wait and desire for something like love and companionship when it's right there in front of me and taunting me every day? Is the life lesson to be taken from the wanting and waiting and not having that which I desire what I am supposed to take from this? That seems just plain wrong. Why make someone wait that long? What good comes from holding out on a person for a week or a month or a year? Hell, what if it takes several years? Why taunt someone with that only to let them know they can never have it and all they were supposed to take from it was the emptiness and the lessons learned? That is the biggest dick move ever. Thanks for nothing, fate. You bastard.

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