I think the weirdest thought I've ever had as a musician was this: "I want to cut a track with Bill Clinton." I don't think that'll ever happen because I'm sure Bill Clinton has enough on his plate. But maybe I can like... get in touch with him somehow? Like, maybe he wants to play a saxophone solo on a song about obsessive, paranoid depression? Does anyone on here know him personally? I mean the closest I got is my brother knowing other politicians. This sucks. Now for the rest of the night I'm gonna be thinking about how awesome it would be to have a former President in my band.

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In my experience, it is absolutely possible to get in contact with practically anybody. In your case, it might take patience and building up a professional (looking) portfolio and set of contacts before you got any real attention. But hey, if casually inquiring with Bill Clinton's staff for a few years gets you a chance to record with him ten years down the road, when he's retired and chilling out on politics more, then it will have been worth the effort.

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