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it's been a year since i've been on it. right now i travel underground. i ride on secret cave rivers and walk along abandoned train tracks.

in a week, everything will change. everything.

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I love driving. I love riding in cars. It clears and clutters my head at the same time. Basically, it helps me let go of everything, even if just for a short while. Sometimes I feel like I grew up in a car, in between homes. My Mom's car, full of loving questions, and goofing off, and singing to oldies songs. My Dad's... he didn't really pay much attention to what my younger brother and I got up to in the backseat... so many imaginary adventures, we knew them so well, but they always turned out different.

My life feels like a road... some of it has been long and boring, some full of holes and bumps and confusion, sometimes it runs through civilizations, and I meet people, and see new things, sometimes, it runs through beautiful peaceful places, sometimes it's the one thing that breaks up the peace, sometimes it's just there, paced along slowly by mile markers, but always, it's best enjoyed with a friend.

Right now I feel like I'm on one of those long stretches in the middle of nowwhere, where you can go as fast as you want, but no matter how fast you drive, you just can't get that expansive lonliness behind you.

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I love to drive by myself. Family trips were always hell. But my ex lives two hours away, closer to four when I'm at college, and after the break the drive really helped me collect my thoughts and keep a clear head. It also helps sort out everything. I love driving.

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