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It always amazes me how perceptive my mom is. She can see through me like glass. Sometimes it's really annoying because I hate for her to know when I'm upset, but other times it just amazes me.

Today we were in the car driving back from my aunt's and we got on the subject of dating and relationships. My past boyfriends came up and then we started talking about my current "significant other." We talked about that for a while, and then she said something to the effect of " like him more than your last boyfriend." It wasn't even a question, she just knew. I didn't say anything, but in my head I was asking myself how the hell she knows this stuff about me.

A little while later she asks me "Is that an untrue statement?" Of course it wasn't. I had come to realize that a while ago, but I had kept it to myself. Not even the guy knows I like him more than my last boyfriend. So I'm trying to figure out how the hell she can be so perceptive. It really amazes me.

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Don't we usually like our current lovers more than our past lovers, anyway? I mean, we're not with our old lovers for one reason or another, and we are with our current lovers for good reasons. Maybe that's just me, though. I've felt like every relationship I've been in is better than the last, because I'm maturing, I'm learning to enjoy life more, and I'm putting up with less shit. I hope things are working the same for you.

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