every time he tells me that i'll love him sober, and then he never gives me a chance to meet him sober.

something tells me this time isn't going to be any different. we only have a day together.... is it so much to ask?

i've been smoking too much of it lately. er. stupid potheads.

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Well heck! I've been seeing how many days I can go without pot!

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I hate it. Tried it several times... all it does to me is make me pay more attention to colors... and all it does is leave a grody taste in my mouth.

So no pot for me. except on few occasions. x is nice.

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Pot doesn't seem to do anything to me besides make my mouth taste grody. =/

I'll give up trying since the risk isn't worth it if it doesn't do shit.

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Pot doesn't do for me what it used to. It used to be the best thing in the world, back in high school. Now it just makes me awkward, anxious, and all to aware of time passing slowly. Stupid pot >.

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