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I made something. With much folding, cutting, and stapling of printer paper, I made something that will gauge how much nicotine we apply to the walls of this house in a year. It started out being plain curiosity, and now, Owen wants to replace the wallpaper soonish. We both smoke various things like chimneys, so I'm maintaining that we should do the carpet, wallpaper and stuff like that (curtains and shades, and oh yeah, the previous occupant wallpapered the ceiling with what looks to be the same brand of wallpaper in a different pattern. The old timey fun timey kind where the edges of the eighteen inch or two foot strips are visible from space) absolutely last. I don't want to waste money, it's unlikely that we are going to go outside everytime we smoke once the new stuff is in here. I mean, who gets up and gets dressed to go outside and smoke a cigarette when you don't have to? Especially in February. Digressions. Point being, I made a thing that is just layers of paper on other layers of paper, but each month I tear off another piece covering the main whole sheet, which is divided in to twelve months. If I can kick methadone with a few Vicodin to ease the withdrawls, and lots of distractions, I can bloody well quit smoking. And I need to.

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