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The way she seduces me is comparable to nothing I can think of. Its starts off so slow, so innocent. Her finger slides behind a strand of my hair and then tugs it behind me ear. But the warm finger tips caress the shell of my ear. Right there in a crowded coffee shop she makes me think about sex. Flashes of us together go through my mind. Her skin wet with sweat as her mouth trails up my throat and she bites my ear lobe. She calmly sips her drink, catching a drop with her tongue. In my mind I see that tongue flick across my nipples. Down my body, catching me unaware as my eyes close and my hands grip the sheets. Her hands grip her mug, long fingers warmed by the hot drink. Her hands in my imagination hold my wrists above my head, they slide down my sides, cup my hips, urge me on. They fist in my long hair and leave scratches down my back. She crosses her long, denim clad legs under the table. Those legs nudge my knees apart to make room for her between my thighs. They wrap around my hips, they stretch in delight when I take her. In a coffee shop, doing nothing but having breakfast, she seduces me. She knows that I fidget because I want her, she can tell by the way my eyes slide over her body that I am thinking about what we did before we left the house. “Ready?” she asks as she stands up and grabs the helmet to her motorcycle. “Oh God yesI agree as I let her lead me out of the shop and back home.

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God damn. Do want. How did I not notice this gem when it was posted months ago?

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Wow, yeah. This is pretty hot and very well written.

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Very well composed, and it made me melt a little, down in the girly regions. Kudos.

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