There's this one guy that I used to date that everyone I live with thinks is an asshole. They laugh at him when he's not around, and call him a pedophile. He's not. They know. They just think he's creepy. And they always say "I can't believe you dated him." Like right in the middle of a conversation about something else entirely.

So we were at this party at a friend's house, trying to get rid of all their booze before we left for winter break. And I was kinda hanging in the corner feeling uncomfortable, because everyone was getting crazy loud drunk and talking only about what they were drinking, and I don't drink. I was hoping for a chance to hop into the conversation that just didn't happen. Everyone kept offering me liquor, perhaps thinking that would ease my tension. And I just kept responding with my usual "Thanks, but I don't drink."

And like 10 minutes later, this guy comes in from his room, already half-drunk. And he just says to me, "Hey, we've got some Tropicana Twister in the fridge, if you want."

We'd barely spoken in a year. And somehow he'd remembered.

I just wish my suitemates could have caught that moment.


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