i am at war with myself. i am not sure who is winning and i wonder why i cant settle down. i fight with contentment. i argue with happiness. i bicker with devotion and i find myself smacking love around a little. i am at war with the world. i want so badly to forget and i cant help but remember. i am a bad person. why? because the only cure for the kind of mood im in is you. one night, one afternnon, one morning or even one hour with you and i would feel so much clearer. i am at war with the idea of you and i. im not sure who is winning since im fighting alone. i suppose in the end, you are winning. you never have to fight. i am at war with you. every moment with you is a battle against instinct. i have a feeling you wouldnt understand. you make it look so easy. run away from me. my war can end at any moment and if the wrong side wins i cant be held responsible for what i do to you.


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