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The male anglerfish leads a parasitic existence. He will die without finding a female to latch onto and be a part of for the rest of their lives.

Some humans are like that too. Parasitic little lovers, latching on, sucking my patience dry.

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There are times that I get cocky. When the guy at the gun show scoffed at my vegetarianism, it was hard not to scoff back. "Psh, what's a vegetarian doing at a gunshow?" I told him that I was there because I was committed to the idea of killing (and possibly eating) anyone who would harm me or my loved ones. I wanted to go on to say that I've fought scarier, meaner things than his prized 12-point buck... That my enemies have fists, friends, and guns, not horns or fur... And that I've probably maimed more men than he's even thought about fighting.

When I take the dark alleys over the well-lit roads, sometimes it's because I welcome a good excuse to hurt someone who will earn it and feel that I'm more qualified to administer that punishment than most.

Yes, I am a girl walking alone at night. Yes, I probably have money on me. Odds are good I'll see or hear you coming, and odds are you've underestimated me. The element is surprise is in my favor, and I'd rather die unjustly than of old age.

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