I have this thing where I'm almost always imagining different courses of action for myself.

Like, I'll be walking down the street, and I'll pass a guy that I like. In reality I generally smile as I walk past, but then keep going on my way. In my mind however, I see myself looking at him kind of through my eyelashes and stopping to talk to him, maybe inviting him to hang out.

Or I'll be sitting next to a guy watching a movie. In reality I'm keeping to my own space, watching the movie, maybe glancing at him every few minutes. In my mind though, I see myself creating a reason to hold his hand, to snuggle up next to him, to flirt with him.

I went to a semi formal a while back, and as I was walking onto the dance floor I saw a really cute guy. In my mind I saw myself spontaneously grabbing him around the waist, pulling him close to me, and dancing the night away. In reality though, I went and danced with my best friend.

I guess most of these situations have to do with guys...never realized that before. Apparently guys make me wish I were more bold.


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