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I have a boycrush on the new guy at work.

It's not a physical attraction, I'm still pretty confident in my heterosexuality. It's more like I swoon over him.

He embodies everything that I find to be a positive quality in a person. He is scholarly, athletic, funny, and generally just a good person to be around.

When there's little work to be done we talk non-stop about everything from politics and religion to science and technology and sometimes just books and movies.

He is more knowledgeable than me in every regard except computers and video games (Which basically just makes me geekier)

He's into hiking, running, meditation, and yoga.

He can make pretty much anything from folded paper.

I'd ask him to hang out outside of work, but it's already difficult to sort out the fact that I have an apparent non-physical crush on him. If I do, it will feel like I'm dating him.

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oh god, i hate that. sometimes it seems like it's so much harder to get to know someone of the same sex than someone of the opposite sex.

i'd say just ask him if he wants to chill sometime, if you're really talking that much. have a couple beers or something. all my best friendships started out as platonic crushes.

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