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I just finished up some beautiful meditation and I feel much better. I had a walking meditation through the woods in the rain and then sat by a pond, observing a heron walking through it very patiently, hunting for food.

I needed that time out to practice being patient, being gentle, being observant, and having a quiet, receptive mind.

Now I have my balance again.

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meditation is something I do not feel i'd be any good at, and never try.

I don't even understand its purpose.

I think it's interesting - it's just not for me.

I think I dislike the idea because everyone i've known who does it is spiritual and so I associate it with spiritualism, which is something I do not associate myself with.

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I've tried to meditate before but I've never seriously thought about it but this year I was in the room when a friend of mine started meditating and she looked so overwhelmingly peacful. So I was thinking about getting her to teach me how she does it. I think it would be a good expirence.

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I, personally, love to meditate. For about 3/4 of a semester, I never slept, I just meditated. The ability to become lost in the waves of an endless tide that I have created in my mind is the most calming and relaxing time for me. Especially since I really don't care to stick around a room full of people, I don't really like the fact that sleep drains me of more energy than it gives me. Meditation gives me the energy that I need because I can more easily manipulate energy around me during it. I can wrap and rewrap myself in energy without a whole lot of thought. I've been thinking about breaking my way into Buddhist Meditation because it seems that I would be able to reach myself more fully through it.

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I would much rather control my problems with meditation than medication. I have not been successful so far, mainly because meditation doesn't come easy to a tense nervous anxious restless person. I've read books and listened to all kinds of audio, all chock full of techniques. My sister makes it look like a breeze. Dhe doesn't have time to help me, though. I'm thinking I'm going to have to take lessons...

Damnit, green square, how do you do it? I am meditationally handicapped.

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