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As tempting as it is to despair and languish in the knowledge that this world is full of unfathomable horrors and always will be, choose to spend your energy cultivating a community of love, safety, and positivity. If not a community, then a family. If not a family, then an environment. If not an environment, then a habit. If not a habit, then a moment. Choose defiant love over despair, and instead of gazing into the abyss of mankind's infinite capacity for cruelty, indifference, ignorance, and destruction, create even the smallest, most fleeting bubble where no such evil may enter. You may not be able to save this world, but you can create the oases of respite that make it bearable.

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So there's a half-way decent chance I have HIV now. Which is to say, I'm probably worrying too much because I do that, but this isn't really something to fuck around with. The ironic part is that the scare is from a girl. Because her ex is a junkie. She was telling me about how one day she showed up at her door with a totally infected arm, and then it hit me... this bitch cares more about the heroin than her health, and my friend had sex with her. And then she had sex with me, and the condom came off. I talked to her about it last night, and she told me there was no oral, just manual. But blood or vaginal fluid on skin can still spread it, otherwise women wouldn't be contagious. Or, maybe my information is wrong.

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yeah, never a bad idea- just keep in mind that hiv can take up to six months to show on an antibody test.

more importantly, why the fuck hasn't she gotten tested? she could have hiv and is still sleeping with people without having been tested? erf

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I really like this new "positive outlook" Ether postingness. It's great!

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