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"Going to California with an achin' in my heart..."

I did exactly that in 2005. December 13th, I took a plane to Sacramento.

I wanted away from Indiana, from the Richmond Muncie Lafayette Bloomington New Castle Indianapolis Hammond polygon of my life and travels. I was meeting and staying with a guy. I had no interest in said guy, altough if he turned out to be good for me, and worth dating, I wouldn't have argued. (As for going three thousand miles away to stay with someone I'd only known over the internet, and only for about eight months, I was pretty depressed and would have looked forward to being murdered with an icepick as a 'new experience') He wasn't good for me. He was fine for a friend, but not dateable. Self centered and controlling, no thanks, already tried that.

I loved California in December. Windy and wet, but warm. The weather made me feel so... alive, whenever I stepped out into it. I love water. I love showers and baths, swimming pools, any natural body of water. So I was thrilled to find out that he lived less than a quarter mile from the Sacramento River, which is an impossiby wide, speedy, unstoppable force in December, which is in the rainy season.

I loved it. B, the guy I was staying with, not so much, He hated the outdoors.

Finish later.

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We ought to save up money and in two years, try to live there. Although...the gov-inator is making it harder and harder to live comfortably. Maybe I'll get a nursing job, and able to work.
To me, California means salty waves, sunny days, and contentment.
Sunny days, keeping the clouds away. Won't you take me to....Sesame street. Fuck the midwest!

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I am totally down for us living together. Rickets can come too, but I'm bringing a dog cage. He gets the crate if he does anything bad. Seriously though, CA has a high high high cost of living. We should try it in Indy first. You need to ditch Ar-kansas.

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