Totally trying this. Not right now, it's 6:30 AM. But tonight? Whooo

Apparently I am the kind of guy who can go for six months without drinking, down a liter of rum and be 80% functional the next morning. "Chakram" is its name. It's pretty simple to make too! First, drink two-to-four shots of 80 proof rum. This is essential for guys, because it's hard to taste the alcohol and if you don't shoot some first you'll feel like a bitch. Next, pour in one and a half packets of fruit punch Kool-Aid powder, and half a packet of grape. (You can probably use two full packets of fruit punch if you want.) Now, fill the bottle almost to the top with water, and shake it until all the powder is dissolved. If you did it right, it will taste like Shock Tarts candy.

Next lesson: Haterade. I'll need a little while to figure this one out, but it'll be good. Probably similar proportions, in any case.


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