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I don't remember posting this. It's still true.

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I've always felt the same way. I'm disgusted by violence (real-life, serious, malicious violence - video games and kung fu movies are still the shit), but I'm disgusted more by how impersonal and easy guns make killing. Just like how I'm disgusted by how Happy Meals at McDonald's remove the consumer from the gruesome reality of what they're purchasing. If a person decides that they have to kill somebody, I think it's more appropriate for them to experience the full reality of what they're doing and be able to empathize with the body that they're injuring, rather than just press a button or pull a trigger.

That's why I respect the people that went to war before the invention of missiles and guns more than people who engage in modern warfare.

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Well, I don't know about Happy Meals needing gruesome details. Kids get fucked up enough. But I get what you're saying. No one has to think about anything negative. No one has to be shocked, or upset. Some weird part of me wishes they'd just put a picture of that 72 year old woman's labia being fused to her underwear on all of the coffee cups. Everyone's asleep. Not everyone. Anyway...

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kung-fu is indeed the shit. There's no one here, so I've made friends with a bottle tonight, and I'm a little slow.

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If I ever kill someone, I've decided I'm not going to do it in such an impersonal way as to shred part of their body with a fired projectile. Actually I consider it sort of a chicken way to do something so important. I mean, if you're using a gun and aiming, it will be just like playing a vidja game. I'd use a knife. A blade. So I can feel what's going on in vibrations through the handle, so I have to get intimately close to them. So I can't distance myself from them until they're not a human.

Not that I ever intend to kill someone.

I won't be surprised if I, at some point, have to.

Not in the baby momma drama kind of way, in self defense.

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I'm still young. Only 17. In middle school I had girls around me. In elementary school I had girls around, even though they were icky. But now, there are no girls. And its gotten to the point where I want to shoot couples. No kidding, I want to get a gun and shoot them.

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