a quick poll on the topic:

among those who enjoy dick, what's the preference, uncircumcised or circumcised?

for those possessing penises, which are you?

what's your nationality?

feel free to spill anything else about penis that you so desire.

now obviously most people are just into whatever's attached to whomever you're sleeping with at the moment. this question is in no way insinuating that one is better than the other or that the state of the foreskin is in any way a deal breaker. i feel the need to state this to cut off any dick controversy before it starts.

having said that, i kinda like the uncircumcised, myself. i don't really know why, i think it's perhaps because i'm american and used to circumcised penis so it's "exotic" or something. and it makes handjobs easier.

on the other hand, maybe i'm just a retard, but the few times i've managed to end up with uncut dudes i've felt like my typical tactics of mouth and hand for the foreskin-impaired don't quite translate, whether it's because of the actual foreskin itself or increased sensitivity or whatever i don't know.

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"for those possessing penises, which are you?"

Since birth, the only modification that my penis has undergone is a few piercings, an ill-conceived Hannah Montana temporary tattoo, and the occasional ballooning in size.

Some day, I would like to stretch out my foreskin with weights so that I might be able to hide my wallet and/or cellphone inside and deter would-be muggers.

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Alright, that was dumb and reactionary. Thought rescinded.

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I have never seen this smegma shit people talk about. My boyfriend, like 99% of men in this country, is uncircumcised and aside from the occasional sweatiness after exercise/sex I have never found unpleasantness on or around his cock. I'm starting to think it's some kind of myth perpetrated by Americans or Jews or something...

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:( I didn't mean to insinuate that non-Jews have smegma. My b.

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