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him - you have always seemed to me very strong for being able to stand on your own feet.

me - being able to stand on my own feet?

him - self confident

Well, at least I know the deception is working... what if he really knew what was going on inside my head right now? Would he think me so confident then?

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I was doing pretty well for a while. I've lost weight. I felt pretty. I was wearing my favorite shirt, and black pants that always make me feel sleek and kind of sexy. Then I was running down the hall after being silly, when from behind me...

"Hey (darkteal) you'll have no problem giving birth," said one of my suitemates. "Huh?" -me. "You have really wide hips."

... Yeah. Thanks.

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From the gossip, your suitemates seem to have gotten even bitchier this year.


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Usually I'm pretty low on self-confidence.

That's one of the reasons that I decided to get my latest piercings.

Funny, how I believed that paying a man to shove sharp metal through my nipples would make me feel better about myself.

What's even funnier is that so far, it's worked.

Granted, it has only been two days, but every time I look in the mirror, I marvel at myself for being such a bad ass.

Even if it's just in my mind, it still makes me feel awesome about myself.

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