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I'm going to attack someone with a glitter bomb.

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This should be the 21st-century update to the time-honored tradition of throwing pies at politicians and culture-war villains.

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That would be awesome, I'd love to see this idea gain some traction. I need to practice my pranking skills, I'm basically a newb.

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Whenever I think of glitter, I'm immediately routed to dance recitals because I was a dancer for a long time. I know a lot of dancers still. They always seem to have glitter on them in some fashion, eyeshadow, liner, hair spray whatever....

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my roommate and i once played dressup in the dorms. we both had glitter - she silver and i gold. we smeared the glitter on our faces and took silly pictures. washing it off was difficult to do. in the end, some of it remained. now that glitter infests our sheets and i still find a few sparkles here and there.

I was in college, she was in highschool. She and her friend invited me to their prom. She wore silver glitter, her friend wore gold glitter. No one danced. We joked around, laughed at the other people at the prom, and made troublemaking plans that we never followed through with. On the car ride back to her place, I thought about how I loved her and appreciated the chance to share the stupid ceremony of prom one more time with her. And I noticed that the glitter under my nails was gold.

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