My high school's prom is tonight. I never got to got to prom, I always went to the afterprom, but junior year I think I was too full of shit to go alone, and senior year I was vegetarian and didn't wanna pay $60 for mashed potatoes and salad. Come to think of it, I didn't really like going to dances that much anyway. I always had some amount of fun, and I'm not like any kind of social troglodyte or anything, but after freshman homecoming I just never wanted to go. There's something about watching people dry-hump in a cafeteria that's really off-putting. That and the music was kind of terrible. And I didn't really like most of the people I went to school with.

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Don't stress about it. I've been to two proms and I don't think that the experiences were any better than just hanging out with my date anywhere else.

Which is to say that I didn't have a terrible time because, each time, I was with girls that I was in love with, but the prom nonetheless didn't really thrill me.

Proms are neat, sure, and you can have fun hanging out with friends in fancy clothes, but it's nothing to mourn missing by a long shot.

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I still cannot believe I was the only person not wearing a fluffy ballgown there. Sheesh. Well, this 'hardcore lesbian' (who had just had a baby, and was sniffing around me, even though I'd told her it wasn't her, it was the fact that I was with someone already) wore pants and a shirt.

I guess that counts.

Oh, prom. I went my senior year for the hell of it. I was the only one there not wearing a store bought prom dress, or an expensive tailored dress... in the style of a store bought prom dress.

I wore five inch boots, fishnets and garters, a skirt I made myself, a slim ballgown style made of layers and layers of tulle with silver metal stars attached, a fishnet top with.. crazy irregular fishnets, and a fkoor length PVC coat with a tight fitting top half and an open, flowing bottom half. Yes, it was horribly ununiqye gothiness, but I liked it, and I couldn't believe no one else had even tried something different.

I was upstairs in a corner, and hot, so I unzipped the top most of the way. My boyfriend certainly didn't mind. This revealed my fishnet top, my see through leopard print bra, and my DD's.

I forgot to zip it back up.

They were clearing the stairway to do the prince.princess.queen.king thing. No one was on it, everyone was looking at it, and here I come wandering aimlessly down the stairs with a cup of spiked punch in one hand. I realized a lot of people, the principal included, were staring at me with various levels of shock.

I looked down. ! And I couldn't just zip up my coat, since I was holding the cup. So I very calmly reached up and pulled the two sides together, than calmy and regally decended the stairs. At the bottom, I handed my principal the cup, zipped up, grabbed it from him and went on my way.

Sometimes I admire myself.

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The corners of my mouth tipped up into quite a grin as I read this.

I admire you.

I wore a short black with white poka dots party dress with a huge red belt and red platform shoes. While not nearly as inspiring as you, I was glad I was the only one not in a frilly dress.

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I chose not to go to prom both years I could have.

My reasons was because I wanted to fully express my not-giving-a-shittness about high school. I wanted to ensure there would be no nostalgia for that institution.

My friends were so annoyed though when I went to their post-prom party they all dressed up in their best and me just wearing torn jeans and a t-shirt. Heheheh.

Recently my school had a prom and one of the people in charge of it was trying to get me to go, and I was just like "I refused to go to prom when I was in high school - what makes you think I want to go now?"

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I went to prom for the first time last week. I was hoping something more would develop from it. Oh well. It was still hella fun.

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