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I've tried to write this thought three times, each with a different start, and I still can't phrase it in a way that doesn't sound like childish entitlement foot-stamping. It is, I know.

But damnit, I'm hurt. She invited both my housemates to her hen party, but not me, you know, her colleague and friend who stood by her side through that whole ridiculous stressful thing with her manager this time last year.

And I know it's just because she's better friends with them, because I'm so hard to make friends with, and I'm not a party animal like they are, and limited spaces at the beauty salon and etc, and I have plans for today anyway, and I'm being completely ridiculous, but there you are.

This is stupid. But it's just one exclusion too far. Now, I'm upset about it. And I can't pinpoint why she invites them to everything and not me. Am I really that unlikeable? Am I so much of a drag?

I know her. She's lovely, but she's pretty volatile when it comes to people's behaviour. She'll blacklist people for silly things, but I honestly can't think of anything I'd have done to offend her.

Except, maybe... but no. Surely not that. She'd ask me about it instead of jumping to the wrong conclusion... Right?

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