I just noticed that, thanks to me, the recent thoughts are "warm piss really yellow".

Not intentional.

cock lesbian cock cock boys cock ...single

I just feel the replies section reads like abstract poetry at the moment.

Or perhaps more like someone with a bad case of turettes.

Alright, I'm in.

Under comments:

"Twilight posts pointless" -- A headline story for any forum's FAQ

"Order nephew asexual hippo" -- First item on the best Christmas shopping list ever

And under thoughts:

"Order hippo asexual nephew" -- Just to be fair.

"Unholy Confidence" -- Best metal band name ever

Bringing this game back from the dead.

Under THOUGHTS, I see...

"doom cock" -> What yours truly dangles betwixt his legs

"worthless weed words" -> What you ramble about when you're really stoned

Under COMMENTS, I see...

"asexual hippo cock" -> A huge, but sadly unused cock

"ridiculous cock hairspray" -> The hilarious result of a massive ejaculation into one's partner's hair

"breakfastofchampions fucking tamagotchi" -> Oh god no.

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I'm a fan of "future sex and humor telecaster" under comments.

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I thought I might add to the game...

"Sorry, writer's block, Bitch!" taken out of context, but funny.

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I like the few above that... its her, fuck up, sorry. sounds like a person is telling his/her significant other that they found someone else...lol

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In order from most recent the entries directly before this one say

"love silk vagina fucker"

Just thought that was worth recording for future generations.

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I'm glad I'm not the only one who looks to see what sentences form from all of our thoughts.

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Hey, the bunny thought went away. My string is ruined!

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