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A note to someone I'm struggling to still admire. Dear Mr. I'mAppalled I would like to, I guess be the first, inform you that people do dumb things in their teen years, and most of the time they grow up and learn from those dumb mistakes. After trying to put a lot of hurtful things behind me, the nasty things you've decided to say about me keep finding their way to me. And in all honesty, I want to believe they're lying, because for the past however many years I spoke nothing but highly of you and your achievements. Maybe I was overzealous in my attraction to you, but you never turned it down at the time, and only to shit talk me years later to inflate your ego? If anything, You could have said go away if I was really some "crazy obsessed stalker", not reciprocated and encouraged the affection. I'm disappointed in you as a human being.

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Do you realize how much I hate it when you do this? You make these ridiculous judgements about things you have no idea about. But the thing that gets me is that you refuse to educate yourself about the thing that you've already judged. That to me is willful ignorance, and that pisses me off. the least you could do is educate yourself and them make a judgement. That angers me.

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