I can't hear the name Kenley without wanting to burst out into song. Thanks to the lovely Bulgarian woman who completly butchered "Without You" by Mariah Carey.

because "I Ken Leeee, su flibu dibu dout duuuu. I Ken Leeee, I Kenley any moooo."

Seriously youtube Bulgarian Idol if you have yet to see it. God help me if I suddenly make friends with a Kenley, it will take all of my control not to sing at her.

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so after i read this i went and looked up Ken Lee. i gotta say, it's the most f***ing hilarious thing ive seen in a long time. i couldn't stop laughing about it for hours

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I want to hook up with Kenley from Project Runway. Not that I think she's that cute, or that I respect her or anything about her personality. It's just the only excuse I can think of to Sharpie her face.


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