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There is no thrill like singing with hundreds of other drunken, gleeful souls in a gorgeous room like The Egyptian room, in Indianapolis. I missed Keller Williams this year, but the four before that, I was there early, drinking in the parking lot, drinking in the room, even stumbled over some blow, one year. And every year, near the end, he covers Last Dance with Mary Jane, Throwing part of Breakdown into the middle. That's when the frenetic dancing and singing hits its peak, because every damn person in that room has associations with that song, many deep. I mean, come on. "I don't know, but I've been told, You never slow down, you never grow old. Tired of screwing up, tired of goin' down Tired of myself and tired of this town. Last dance with Mary Jane, one more time to kill the pain. I feel something creeping in, and I'm tired of this town again.." Now, admittedly, since Keller got a lot of his fans from Phish and Dead shows, I'm sure a lot of people associate it with weed. I don't care, doesn't make it any less meaningful to me.

Who wants to take me to a show? I'm awesome, and I have tits Awesome tits.

(It's alright if you love me.) (It's alright if you don't)

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